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Make-up Atelier Paris – a leading professional make-up and make-up cosmetics production company, founded in 1986 by famous make-up artist Helene Quille. Helene Quille was born in Nancy, France. “Since childhood, I dreamed of becoming a professional all-rounder,” says Elen. Feeling a big passion for this specialty, she graduated in cosmetology, specializing in “theatrical make-up and stage make-up”. Latter, in Paris, Helen continued her studies, improved and attended the classes of the famous master Jean – Pierre Fleurimont.

Working as a teacher in various schools and as a make-up artist in famous European and Hollywood projects, Helene created a universal teaching program for beginning make-up artists. 1986 Helene founded Make-up Atelier Paris, a center for professional make-up specialists. In collaboration with pharmacologist – cosmetologist Claude Diuso, Helene conducted research and started the production of her own cosmetic brand. Make-up Atelier Paris is a brand of professional cosmetics exported worldwide. So what is the secret of success? The fact that Make-up Atelier Paris offers a particularly wide range of top-level products which corresponds to all the requirements of today‘s cosmetics industry. Delicate texture, high-tech pigmented shadows and blushes, high-tech gel textures, ultra-resistant formulas… And all this comes in a elegant French package. Make-up Atelier Paris cosmetics – for those who are looking for the highest quality.

The fact that the company has its own factory and laboratories is a very big advantage, especially when it comes to innovations and products which follows fashion trends. Thus, in 1991, the company first created 5 color eye shadow and lipstick palettes – this step was later used by other companies in Europe and the world. Make-up Atelier Paris cosmetics are professional decorative cosmetics for professionals and those who want to become one. Today, Make up Atelier Paris is an innovative and unconditionally professional company, which is led by Elen’s son Maxime Bouillard and daughter Laura Quillé, who have shared the responsibilities and continue to create products for those who value quality, professionalism and creativity. Cosmetics products continue to be developed in a private laboratory, according to the trends, without testingo n animals and with the aim of replacing harmful ingredients with standards and requirements.

„Make up Atelier Paris“ today it:

  • International professional makeup centers;
  • Professional laboratories for the development of decorative cosmetics;
  • Factory of professional decorative cosmetics;
  • Factory of latex models;
  • The strength of Make-up Atelier Paris is a constantly updated and expanded assortment, which provides all the possibilities for the creative master.


Make-up Atelier Paris is an international name and your undoubted SUCCESS.

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