We all love sales. Especially those that have really good and attractive products for simply amazing prices. What was expensive yesterday is perhaps here today?


    33.00  20.00 

    Oil Free Moisturizing Base offers protection for combination & oily skin. Restores the skin's hydrolipidic film. Containing Rosemary extracts to help reduce the appearance of pores.

    • SPF protection
    • Moisturizes the top layer of skin
    • Protects and shrinks pores

  • HD Fluid Blush (15ml)
    32.00  16.00 

    Blush HD fluid, a waterproof silicone emulsion which is resistant to water, perspiration and sebum. Gives glowing volume to the cheekbones, light effect, natural and transparent.

    • The light blush texture allows you to create an all-natural, translucent blush image on your skin.
    • Water, sweat and sebum (fat) resistant formula. ⠀
    • The synthetic oils included in the composition have a emollient, moisturizing effect.

    50.00  29.00 

    The long-lasting foundation marked with the letters NB, is ideal for cold, red skin. The long-lasting foundation marked with the letter Y, is ideal for warm, yellowish skin.

    • Contains SPF-6 protection factor.
    • The dense textured toning base creates a stable coating and matte effect over time.
    • Hides skin imperfections and covers the skin evenly.
    • Resistant to heat and moisture.
    • Ideal for combination and oily skin.

    28.00  16.00 

    Mascara, smooth cream with good adherence on lashes. Adds volume, separates and lengthens lashes with the brush. Apply a first layer at the root of the eyelashes, the second layer along the length and the third on the tips.

    • Adds volume
    • Separates and lengthens

    55.00  35.00 

    Contouring palette composed of a light color and a soft shadow intended for modeling the face. Smoothing modelers for professional use High Definition TV and cinema. Recommended for cold skin tone.   30g

  • 4 Color Blush Palette BL3DBR
    55.00  35.00 

    Palette 4 Blushes highly resistant formulated with talc and silicone-treated pigments. A soft, silky, ultra-fine texture that allows easy and gradual application, fusing with the skin. Intense colors, matte and satin. Color - BEIGE ROSE.

  • Eyelash Adhesive
    25.00  10.00 

    Black eyelash glue for continuous and tufted false eyelashes with applicator, turns completely black when dry.

    49.00  29.00 

    The Make-Up Atelier Paris makeup palette, our bestseller! Long lasting, water and perspiration resistant, the eye shadows palettes are formulated with silicone coated talcs and pigments. Three textures: Matte, satin and iridescent. Soft, easy to apply synthetic mica powder provides a soft focus effect by diffusing the light thus fading away small fine lines. T03 Natural Brown

    26.00  14.00 

    Styling gel for eyebrows, with brush applicator. Fast drying.

    • The formed eyebrow lasts all day long.
    • Easy to use.

    16.00  9.60 

    A pair of false eyelashes with voluminous corners. The clue is in the name. Sweed Lashes’ Iconic lashes are perfect for creating extra volume and drama in the corners for a flared cat-eye effect. The ultra-flared and graduated lash strands are made with high-quality, lightweight fibres for an all-day, comfortable wear.

    28.00  16.80 

    Bestseller! Ultimate lash. Bold and unforgettable - Terryfic is the icing on the cake for your evening makeup. This lash is handmade with our 3D technique to create a beautiful and dramatic eye look in several dimensions. 

  • SWEED BEROE 3D Lashes
    19.00  11.40 

    Criss-cross. Supreme. Volume. Beroe is one of SWEED most exclusive false lashes with a 3D effect of criss-cross pattern! The lash is designed with the latest technique in the industry. Beroe gives maximum effect and a fullness in several dimensions.